Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I know, I know...

It's been a little crazy-busy around here lately! We are so due for an update! Here's the last 2 months in pictures. Merrick is growing like a weed, we measured him the other day and he is 26'' long. I swear I am constantly just having to find bigger clothes for him on a daily basis. He has really started laughing and playing and he makes the cutest noises when he wakes up every morning.

Merrick and Maddy are really starting to like each other. By 'like each other', I mean Merrick doesn't immediately cry out of fear whenever he sees her coming anymore :) Maddy totally has that "older sister" instinct with him and she loves to pat him and she is learning to be "soft" with him. It is so cute when she tries to pick up his carseat and carry him around! And seriously, could Maddy get any cuter? Her favorite words are "sooommme" and "dat" (for that) and more recently "day do" (for thank you).

I love this picture because we actually caught him smiling! As you will see in all the following pictures, Merrick hates the camera! He gets so upset the more we try and take pictures so when I get one like this, I really get a little over-excited.

This is Merrick's 'before' shot. He had the worst mullet and right on top of it was his little baby bald spot. So we had to buzz it all off so it could start new.

Merrick is finally getting to the point where he is liking toys and loves to play. He is in love with this jumper thing we got him. It plays music and he gets to bounce around so he will keep himself entertained for almost an hour at a time with this thing! Okay...I love it too :)

One night after work, I got to Kristen's house to pick up Merrick only to find that she was trying to change him into a girl. Okay, not really. He had spit up on all his clothes and Kristen had nothing to put him in except Maddy's clothes. I was so funny to see him in all pink! Poor kid, he will hate that I put this picture up someday...

Here we are on Valentine's Day

I am totally determined to get a tan, and I am totally determined to make sure that Merrick gets to love being outside. We usually lay out everyday. Seriously, stop by and you will find us out in the middle of lawn every morning. Laying out in March is why I LOVE ARIZONA!!

I've been giving Merrick some grown up food a little bit lately. I fed him some peach yougurt the other day and he totally loved it.

Of course, we are getting him into volleyball early on. Every time we take him to one of my brother's games he just stays glued to the the game, it is so funny! Nothing will distract him from watching the game.

And here are some of the most recent pictures that I took just this week. He is getting so grown up already, he's nearly 6 months old!

I am really going to be a better blogger. It has just been a little crazy lately. And, after making this post, I realize I need to be a better picture-taker too! As for me, nothing has really changed, except I have jury duty for the next 4 months (no, that is not a typo...4 months), I am going to be helping out at Villa Siena (where Brock and I had our reception a few years ago) and learn how to be a wedding coordinator, and ...

I got bangs...