Sunday, May 31, 2009

A little motivation please...

So last June (yes, as in 1 whole entire year ago) I bought this super cute little dresser on a Saturday morning and took it home and had all kinds of romantic, decorative ideas about painting it lavender and putting cute Anthropologie handles on it and it was going to be just perfect in my little girl's room...*sigh*. Then by Sunday morning I realized I was lazy, fat, unmotivated and pregnant and then not too much later I found out I was having a boy...cute dresser dreams (as Jim Carey would say) "chk, chk, deleted!" So it sat on the back porch and then one day I painted it blue. And then it sat for a while longer and I put a clear coat on it. The end result was terrible! I will never try and do anything that requires patience and artistic ability when I am wretchedly pregnant again! Needless to say, the dresser was too horrible to bring indoors, it really needed to be redone! And so it continued to sit on my mother-in-laws back porch. Until the other day I finally went and picked it up, and I am sure that she is deliriously happy that it is out of her sight! Kristen and I started sanding it the other day and I have yet to decide what I am am going to do with the thing once it's ready to paint. I just thought I would post a few "before" pics and maybe that will give me that extra bit of motivation to get this little project done and out of the way. So before you know it, I will be posting "after" pictures, right? As long as you pay no attention to my track record...

Here's the little beauty. Loving the Tiffany Blue, but the clear coat is totally yellow. Couldn't possibly be from sitting on the back porch for a year, right??

Here's Kristen getting some work done! If anyone is highly motivated in this project, it is most definitely's on HER back porch now!! Haha

Kristen really rocks at projects like this though. She just re-did her kitchen table and it is totally cute. I am so glad she (and her paint sprayer) are going to be helping me with this :)

And this desk is the next project. The crackle...not so much. Maybe someday we'll get around to this one!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Heart Summer

Our pool is finally warm enough so me and Merrick took it outside today and tested out his new floaty seat that I bought him forever ago when I was dreaming of hot weather. He was so adorable! I thought he might be scared of the water but he wasn't at all! He kicked himself all over the pool completely on his own. He didn't even care that he was far away from me, he is so brave. He loved it when he would get splashed by the boys and he just kept laughing and having such a good time. Needless to say, we will be doing this way more often in the next few months!