Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yeah for me!

So I got an amazing new job a few weeks ago! I'm an associate event planner at this great company called Outstanding Occasions. If any of you know me (and if you're reading my blog I hope you creepers! However, blog-stalkers are accepted since I am one myself) anyway...if you know me at all, then you totally know that this kind of work is right up my alley! Not only do I get to have fun and plan weddings all day, but I get to stay home more often and play with Mr. Merrick. (Who, by the way, is a full-on crawler now! I yi yi...) It literally is going to be a dream job once I completely get into it. The girls that I work with, Jennifer and Heather, are super cute and fun and we have some truly amazing weddings on the horizon. Check out our website and see some of the great work they've done in the past. And you can also check out our fun little blog, In the Know with OO. It's got all kinds of fun wedding snippets and even if you're not into weddings, some of the stuff we have on there is dang cute anyway. Today was my first post so make sure you stop by and read it. And feel free to leave a comment, add a button onto your blog, whatever floats your boat :) Most importantly, tell all your friends! I am so excited to have this great new job, I'll have to post all the fun stuff that we get to see and do!