Sunday, October 12, 2008

I've been tagged :)

*Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. I was on the volleyball team at Gilbert Jr. High and I got team MVP that year :)
2. Sitting on AOL all night long at Meghan's house (or maybe that was when we were a little younger, I don't remember)
3. Wearing purple eyeshadow...yeah I don't want to talk about it...
4. Babysitting all the time to earn money to blow at the mall every Saturday
5. Listening to Britney Spears

*Five things on my to do list today:
1. Drop off thank you cards from my baby shower
2. Take a nap
3. Clean my bathroom and do my laundry
4. Take a walk
5. Make cookies, what else are Sundays for?

*Five snacks I enjoy:
1. Apples
2. Jamba Juice
3. Toast with Peanut Butter
4. Popcorn
5. Dove Promises

*Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Buy myself a cute house in Agritopia so Merrick could have his own room
2. Buy myself a Lincoln Navigator, I really want an Aviator, but they don't make them anymore and if I had a million dollars I might as well splurge and get the big one, right?
3. Buy a completely new wardrobe from Anthropologie
4. Put enough aside to send Merrick to a private school in a few years
5. Buy season tickets to the Sun's games

*Five places I've lived:
1. Gilbert, Arizona
2. Chandler, Arizona
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
4. Sorry, that's it...

*Five Jobs I've had:
1. Wal-Mart, when I was in high school, they were flexible with my busy volleyball schedule okay!
2. Toni & Guy Salon at Fiesta Mall
3. Junky Trunk Boutique
4. Marsha Nadalin Salon & Spa in Hawaii, worst...job...ever...
5. Nordstrom, if I hadn't been pregnant and throwing up everyday this would have been the most fun job ever

Go to your pictures folder and take the fourth picture from the fourth file and post it.

Okay, this summer when I went to Utah to visit my sister-in-law Shannon, we made these little treats that we found on 'Pioneer Woman' and they were absolutely incredible! We had to take pictures!

That's it.

Merrick will be here on Thursday bright and early! I'll keep you all updated :)


Madsen Family said...

You didn't list O's as a favorite snack!!! Can't wait to see cute baby Merrick!

Dan, Tara, Reece, & Emma said...

Wow Sharisa sounds like you got lots going on. Good luck with the C Sectoin. I am sure you are extatic to see little merrick. There is nothing better than actually having your own brand new baby! Good luck!

Joy said...

I can't believe he's almost here!! I'm so excited for you, hope everything goes wonderfully!