Saturday, February 28, 2009

A little shout out to...Ashley Madsen Photography

One of my good friends Ashley Madsen is a great photographer. She did a few pictures of Merrick when he was a newborn and they turned out amazing! She is doing a giveaway on her blog today so go check it out!


Pete&Laurie said...

I just put up my very first background image on my blog, then I went to do my usual blog-stalking only to find you have the EXACT SAME BACKGROUND! Wow, we must have good taste. Well, I'm off to find a new background. I had another one in mind. :)

Pete&Laurie said...

I'm pretty sure I got it at Target, but it was a while ago. I love how the shark eats her head!

Greg and Chelsea Spilsbury said...

I want to see more of this cute baby! I bet hes getting huge!